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- Prepare short and long term manpower forecast for the company taking into consideration expected growth and expansion plans, by understanding the business plan and liaising with the OD specialist and others to translate that into quantifiable headcount requirements.
- Undertake work measurement studies and analysis to assess requirements in terms of manpower and productivity for [...]

Within multiple systems, domains and applications there are certain components that are shared. It is one of the key responsibilities of the service level manager to balance the often conflicting production needs and service levels.
WeBecome is an IT Consulting and Professional services company headquartered in Singapore. We are currently looking for “SERVICE LEVEL MANAGER” to [...]

The service level manager’s ultimate objective is to establish the infra-structure (in all forms) that delivers “operational excellence”. Then work with all parties to ensure that operational excellence it maintained on a consistent professional basis and handle the introduction of new platforms, services, and infra-structure as the business develops
Within that the role responsibilities are [...]