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Jobs Hiring : Two Group

Check out the job vacancies available in many different countries like Australia, Canada, United States, Philippines, Dubai, Middle East, Qatar and many more.


The worldwide alliances, RIB AG, MAC II Ltd, TWO ITS, TWO Ltd, TWO Consulting, and Foshan Alliance, have achieved TWO Group the well-integrated network that spans the global, and with the solid and tremendous technological power, which allowed TWO Group to drive business surpassingly across the organization, and a sustainable future growth.
TWO Group, is a [...]

TWO Group, has focused on four promising and profitable core business, software development, Outsourcing service, e-commerce trading, and global consulting. The group has strengthened its business capability by continuous developing synergy products and solutions, like iTWO—software engineering business solution; xTWO—exchange platform for trade and service, and O2C—total solution of outsourcing to China.
TWO Group, is [...]

Purpose of the role:
To deliver an effective IT Consultancy to the external client base and to provide a comprehensive technical support.
è Implement and manage the installation, data migration, configuration and server and network compatibility interface of RIB software at client sites
è Provide post installation support by evaluating [...]